Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My comment on what the US government is doing to the people of the USA RE:  the budget debt ceiling.


  1. I hate to jump on your blog and post a comment about something that has nothing to do with the post, but here it goes....(no pun)

    Yesterday, I was researching some stuff about samurai and I stumbled over a samurai blog. The blog featured a post from you in which you were asking the blogger if they knew the source of a specific quote. The quote was....

    "The average warrior goes into battle afraid of death.

    The good warrior goes into battle with no fear of death.

    The superior warrior goes into battle already dead."

    Well. I tried researching the quote myself and I didn't find it anywhere. So now I'm asking you, where did you hear/read the quote at and did you ever find out what it's original source was?

    I'll check this spot about twice a week until next month or something, hoping you give me a response. Once again, sorry for going off topic on your blog. Wasn't sure if the email I found on you was reliable, plus some ppl don't want stranger emailing them.

  2. Anonymous ji,

    LOL, as long as you're not trying to sell me Viagra or make my non-existent male organ larger, your comment is welcome. OT is OK.

    I never have tracked that quote down. It was something I had heard all my life for as long as I could remember. It still sounds either Chinese or Japanese to me, but it could also be Sikh or even Mongol, although the Mongols are not known for quotable quotes.

    It's even possible that it came from my Dad. He said a lot of quotable stuff. Actually commenting in my blogs is a good way of getting my attention. I get an average of about 150 e-mails a day and many of them - mostly Facebook stuff - just gets deleted, so it's possible I'd miss something sent there from a stranger.

  3. This is Anonymous ji (as dubbed by you)

    Thanks for the response. You responded a whole lot faster than I thought. Your blog is cool and I might comment on other posts in the future, but I didn't think it was active enough to get a response in less than 24hrs. That was hella quick.

    That quote is one of the best quotes I've heard pertaining to martial arts/military life. I'll look into it some more, but I won't drive myself nuts over it like I was doing yesterday...lol. Your dad just may have been the author of it.

    Most quotes as good as that one can be found on the net. Regardless of where it came from, it's amazing if you're the first on to post it on the net. You should do a blog entry on it in the future.

  4. An ji, if that's not too familiar, I received another comment from you that is not appearing here, possibly deleted by you?

    I receive comments in my inbox immediately. If I am online and checking mt e-mail, I try to respond right away because I have a tendency to forget things. If you like this blog, you might enjoy the prequel, sometimes - 2 at http://mai-sometimes.blogspot.com/. It has many more entries. I have several other blogs as well which you can find by clicking on my name.

    Recently, I have gotten more into visual art and making videos and sort of neglecting blogging. Naughty me!

    Dad was a genius, among other things. It was a great privilege to even know him, much more so to be his daughter. There's much more about him in sometimes - 2.