Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Thoughts of the Bluestar Massacre (2011)

I have a vision of the sort of life I want to live.  This song has been a part of my life since it first came out.  Here is my interpretation.  Very simple.  There are so many pictures I could have posted, fighting unbeatable foes, bearing with unbearable sorrows and all that.  I decided just to let the song speak for itself with a minimum of interference by me.


  1. So when will we meet and declare sovereignty for the global Sikh Nation? Let us Unite to form the first trans-continental Khalsa-Nation. Each having geographical boarders but the same constitutional framework based on the principals of the Anandsahibpur Resolution?


  2. Hi, dear! Where have you been keeping yourself?

    Eventually, of course, these silly mortals will come to their senses and we'll have the world-wide Raj Karega Khalsa thing. Now, that'll be fun!

    In the meantime, your idea is a great stepping stone. Let's get going!

    Does this blog load better on your puter? I hope.