Friday, July 16, 2010

Of Parrots and Ego

I am annoyed.  My ego is bruised.  For what reason could I possibly be denied membership in a Yahoo group about...parrots.  That's right, a parrot group.  I understand that Indian Patriotic Groups might not want me as a member.  Certainly, Hinduvta groups wouldn't want and, in America, probably the Teabaggers, as well.  No doubt the John Birch Society would look askance at my membership application, as would the Invisible Empire of the Ku Klux Klan.  As a raceless mongrel, the National Socialist White Workers' Party (Nazis) would reject me out of hand.  Certainly, Christian Identity wants nothing to do with such as I.  These all make perfect sense.

But a group about parrots?  I do share my life with a bad-tempered, biting, squawking, megalomaniac spectacled (or white-fronted) Amazon parrot, Amazona albifrons albifrons,   I think she is called. Has Thuki herself put in a bad word for me?  I know that she is quite resentful that I haven't gotten her a royal consort, but black-balling me from parrot groups seems a bit extreme, even for her.

So what exactly does this rejection notice say.  Is there some clue contained therein?

Dear Mai Harinder Kaur,

Unfortunately your registration at A fun place for parrot and other bird enthusiasts to learn, chat, and discuss bird care, feeding, behavior, health, ornithology, breeding, and more! did not meet our membership requirements. Therefore your registration was deleted.


Sorry, indeed.  I sent back a reply:

Oh, well, I suppose I shall dust off my bruised ego, dry my copious tears and move on.   Still, I wonder...


  1. Mai Harinder Ji,

    maybe it was refused because you don't have good enough parrot skills... you speak your own thoughts and don't copy anyone else's stuff ;-)

  2. Don't tell Thuki. Her feelings might be hurt.
    On the other hand, she might just tell them, "Bite my shiny feathered ass," to sort of quote Bender.

  3. Anonymous ji,

    Funny you should say that. In One of my Sikh groups, we have been discussing "parroting" a mantar. Thuki actually does squawk out "Waheguru!" at odd times, delighting Sikhs and annoying church ladies (should any be around). It's true, though, that I usually don't parrot.

    Normanack ji,

    Welcome to my rather strange world. Thanks for the visit. Thuki is a megalomaniac and I am incapable of hurting her feelings, as I am but a lowly peasant in her eyes, worthy only of eating brioche and catering to her desires. Still, in such a serious matter, she might stand up for me.