Monday, June 7, 2010

Wolves Hunt Sarah.

Wolves Hunt Sarah., originally uploaded by Mai1984.

What could I possibly need to add?

Credits, all under Creative Commons License.

The background is courtesy of my dear friend, Angie, better known as rubyblossom,
who also supplied Snippy the goldfish,
Ms. Palin's cash was donated by chego 101,

The eagle flew in from belgian chocolate,

The airplane is thanks to brentdaley,

The noose is from fangleman

Pygment shots armed the two wolves with the AK47s.

The multi species wolf pack came from far and near for this hunting party:
Douglas Brown,
Andreas Solberg,
Wildlife Art Reference,
Pascal Vuylsteker,
Law Keven,
Dennis from Atlanta,

and the star of the show. former Governor Sarah Palin is from
Jim Cassady,
and, no, she was not lifting her middle finger in the original picture.

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